• Kimberly Bellinger in the Himalayas
    connecting to mother earth and father sky high up in the himalayas
  • Kimberly Bellinger - cosmic dancer
    channeling earth and fire energies through dance
  • Kimberly bellinger demonstrating yoga in Times Square NYC
    demonstrating Yoga asana in Times Square NYC
  • Kimberly Bellinger - Healer NYC
    Connecting, channelling, receiving in Tulum, Mexico

Nice to meet you, I’m Kimberly !

It’s my purpose and honor to assist you in re-discovering and embodying the highest and most true version of yourself!  It is my belief and experiential understanding that when you are living your purpose, the truest happiness and deepest love in the universe finds YOU ! If you are searching and struggling financially, emotionally, or in a relationship, there is a good chance what you feel is missing is already buried deep within you. Its my mission to help you uncover it!

Chances are, you found your way here as there is a reason we should be introduced, whether you are conscious of the  “why” or not… I look forward to learning about you, for you, and with you as we explore this reason together.

kimberly bellinger

I suppose I could call myself a “Healer” as many do,  but, its more YOU that does the healing  when we work together.

I feel a more apt title for myself is : conduit of energy, deliverer of messages, decoder of puzzles, or excavator of pain and truth. After much thought as to what sort of “title” to give myself I decided on Sorceress; partly because it just sounds awesome, but mostly because I channel pure (source) energy for the purpose of highest good.  I work with the energies in and around your body, the energies of mother earth, the stars, the plants and the elements. My work is an amalgamation of the old and the new:  dense and age old shamanic traditions of Hawaii, India and the Himalayas, Ireland and Japan combined with  highly evolved new healing techniques .

I’ve also lived through, and healed myself of some very deep traumas, many of which occurred during my childhood. I was a victim of sexual abuse and deep emotional abuse for many years. As an extension of my purpose, in an effort to offer my personal and professional experience healing of sexual trauma to those who need this healing the most, I created and currently run  The Parvati Project , a non-profit dedicated to integrating shamanic and energetic healing into the existing model for trauma after care.  Please check out the site, and my magical mountain climbing mission to fund raise for this cause .

Kimberly Bellinger

Channeling sacred dance high up on Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa for The Parvati Project

Although I have far too many expensive shoes to call myself a yogi, I pride myself on following vedic philosophy and yogic practices  to live in a continual pursuit of the cleanest connection to cosmic consciousness.  I have developed and refined my gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, telepathy, empathy and am a clear channel / psychic medium.

I promise to treat you always as a friend– with an open heart, a completely non judgemental mind, and always with the intention to guide you towards your highest good and deepest expression of your true self. 
My abilities and energetic sensitivities have been present and tuned since I was a little girl.  I began communicating with spirits when I was 14 and have been working professionally with energy and spirit for 7 years.

*  18 year strong yoga philosophy, asana and meditation practice

* 1000 hour Hatha yoga certification
*  Reiki Master under the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage
*  Currently practice Reiki in the Oncology Unit at New York Methodist Hospital

*  Three year comprehensive study in shamanic healing practices with Linda Gnat Mullin
*  Completion of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” workshop
*  descendent of a bloodline of Celtic mystics and shamans

More important than the list of “technical ” resume points above and the reason I feel I can work with the level of compassion that I do, are the life experiences I have survived, learned from, healed through and now find pride in the conquering of.

If you are feeling a resonance with my words or energy, I hope you schedule a session so that I can be of assistance to you and we can create magical change together! 

with lots of love,

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Honorable Mentions to my Gurus – the greatest healers I know:

the Hulapie
  (2002-2014) (left) and Garbonzo Bean Chupacabra Nicolson de las Reinas (2000-2015) (right) .

These two snugglers were my gurus-  my greatest teachers – my soul family –  my shining stars. Hula Pie was one magnanimous soul, inocuously fluffy on the outside and on the inside higher, mightier and wiser than any human I have met .  My shamanic mentor in a past life reincarnated in canine form in this life, she led me to re-find my energetic healing abilities, each day showing me more about the nature of true love and how to express it through action.

And my Bonzo –  an amazingly unique and incredibly special little fur beast , simultaneously so tough and so sensitive. He not only became a viral sensation in his lifetime, making international news for surviving impossible circumstances…  coming from a past of serious abuse, he showed me the strength of the power of true love’s loyalty.  I feel so honored and am so grateful that these two chose to come be my family and help me in this life.  ❤️💛💚💙💜


Linda Gnat-Mullin
Lastly but certainly not least, my deepest heartfelt gratitude to my Reiki Master and teacher of many things, Linda Gnat-Mullin. If it were not for Linda, I might have turned to the dark side of energy work many years ago.  She is an incredibly powerful and wise woman in a truly humble package – she gets flustered if I refer to her as a “guru”, but she was nothing less to me, guiding me away from some heavy and debilitating darkness, and continuing to support me in my journey aligned with the light.  Thank you Linda. Thank you, thank you, thank you.