Individual Healing Sessions

I offer One-on-One private healing sessions as well as Reiki Certification and Courses in various energetic and spiritual modalities. Below are my private sessions.

Sacred Sorcery
This powerful session utilizes each of the abilities I have cultivated . We begin by setting an intention and connecting with spirit.  Where we go and how we get there is dependent on your individual need and dictated by your higher self. I work intuitively to allow you to release fears, repair old wounds, and address deep seated subconscious traumas. We unglue you from holding patterns, get you off the hamster wheel of whatever cycle you are stuck in, and re route you onto the path which will lead you to your purpose and in turn, greatest happiness and love!   We get to the root of the problems fast . Whereas with a psychologist or life coach you must begin by explaining the circumstances, and the therapist’s understanding is limited to what you tell them, spirit tells me exactly whats up immediately upon connection we work deeper as the session progresses. There will be no getting around what you don’t want to deal with. We will utilize any of the following techniques as needed : 
Reiki energy healing
Shamanic healing / journeying
– Past-life regression
– reading of Akashic records
– mediumship (connecting to spirits of family / loved ones / ancestors )
– disconnection of unhealthy energetic connections
– cleansing of the aura (removing negative energies and entities which don’t serve)
– communication with / healing of inner child
– release of emotional trauma from the organs & physical tissue cells
– guidance/ intuitive insight from guides, angels, spirit

Available in person and remotely : sessions last approximately 2 – 2.5 HOURS, sometimes less, sometimes more. We finish when we are guided to .
[$233: In person, or phone / skype ]   work with me!

Also included as called for – Sacred Sorcery : the dance
This is my unique gift : my own unique and proprietary healing technique – a combination of shamanic, sacred dance and energetic channeling.  Together with source, we move the most powerful energies for the purpose of your uncovering the most genuine, authentic version of you!  No talking happens once we have identified and set intention. You relax however you feel comfortable and ask to assimilate the energies  as I move around you, using the movement of my body to direct the energies appropriately.  If you are ready to go deep, and work with intensity, spirit will guide me to include this powerful modality I am grateful to have been given 😇 

Reiki Energy Healing
Reiki is a Japanese energy healing method during which the practitioner ‘channels’ divine healing life force energy (prana, ki, chi) through their hands to the client.  In the same way you can have a knot in your muscles, limiting mobility and causing pain,  we can get blockages our body’s energy system and surrounding energy field which manifest as emotional disturbances, fears, and even physical pain and sickness. In this session you lie still on a massage table and relax as I do my work. There is minimal contact between my hands and your body. Sensitive individuals tend to feel warmth or light tingling in the area Im focusing on.   You relax , with your choice of mellow music or golden silence. You might even fall asleep 🙂  A Reiki session is a wonderful interlude to clear the mind of stress, leaving you refreshed, revitalized and empowered to take on your life!  Please read more about Reiki here. 
[ $111 : 60 minutes ] Book Now!

Reiki For a Week
This option is for entire situations or individuals that could benefit from ongoing healing or an extra energy boost. Reiki is just as powerful when sent at a distance and extends far beyond the physical and energy body.  Perfect uses include:  healing sickness (even very serious situations) ,  easing through a broken heart, emotional support to a family after their loved one passes,  to give a leg up with an interview/exam,  to fortify your strength in changing an ongoing bad habit (quitting smoking, addiction, eating issues etc) or simply if you are feeling drained and lacking drive or focus. The possibilities are endless !  Book Now!
[ distance only :  $177 : energy sent for 20 mins per day x 7 days ]

Energized Bodywork:
Work through energetic and emotional blocks in this highly effective bodywork session. This session is performed on a massage table, at whichever level of undress you are comfortable in . As with a standard massage, I will locate the areas storing negative emotion or “stress” , and not only work through them manually on a physical level, but intuit the emotions which stored in each area and release them energetically. This powerful combination of bodywork and energy work yields rapid physical and emotional release, and unlike a traditional massage, will actually help to prevent the adhesions (“knots”) or stuck areas from returning.
[ in-person ONLY: $220 for 90 minutes ]
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Intuitive Readings:
Often referred to as “psychic readings” although I don’t like this term as I transcend the psyche to channel guidance and answers from the highest. What is your lover feeling or thinking? How will an opportunity or relationship pan out for you ? Which is the best choice ? What is the lesson underlying a circumstance ?  Intuited information can offer clarity, peace, release …. Please note this session does NOT include any sort of spiritual healing. I often employ Reiki energy during the session to support the connection. I am a fast, free flowing energy reader and spiritual channel known for my exceptional accuracy (see reviews) and do not use tarot cards, pendulums or other tools. *I do not read into death, pregnancy, medical or legal issues*
Book Now!  [ in person or distance :  $177 : 60 minutes ]


* A NOTE ON RATES : There are many healers who charge FAR MORE for their services.  My prices might increase in time as I exert a large amount of energy for each session, however I have placed my fees as low as possible . I believe healing should be available to all who need it

I offer sliding scale rates for all healing sessions (not intuitive readings), if the above rates are cost-prohibitive. Please do not hesitate to ask !