I currently have over 1000 online reviews, in various locations :  If you dont believe me, send me a message and I can send you links to where they all are. 😀 I cannot list them ALL here, so here is a little sampling .

I place these here not to boast, but perhaps to help you feel comfortable booking a session with me, even if we are not able to meet.  Love and peace to you  💕

From Google:

I started seeing Kimberly two years ago for intuitive guidance. 6 months ago I finally decided to try her healing sessions and I was just blown away. Ever since, my life has been so much brighter ! Its difficult to explain or understand how, but what she does is beautiful and magical.

She is able to find the pain within your body and describe to you in detail what is holding you back. I am always astounded how much she comes up with, without me saying a word. I cried straight through our first session, and a couple of the others… her words hit a very deep place in my soul.

After just one session I noticed things shifting in my life : I was able to actually stand my ground with people who were continuously crossing my boundaries and I felt so much more confident. After the second session I finally had the courage, to end a toxic relationship that I had been in denial of and truly miserable in for months. I now have a new a more empowered feeling about myself and I am no longer anxious and stressed out all the time.

There are a lot of fakers in the world of “healing” but Kimberly is not one of them. She is incredibly gifted. I am so grateful the Universe sent me her way. I cannot thank her enough. Everything is brighter as a result. Do yourself a favor and give her work a try !

– Valerie B.

Kimberly is gifted with her intuitive reading and has provided me with life changing information. She is a compassionate, wonderful listener and able to bring her years of experience and own spiritual self development to her clients. I always feel comfortable sharing with her and know that she works with me from a place of total non-judgement, respects my confidentiality and is completely trustworthy. Her ability to read energy, situations and delve to the root of what’s going on in my life has been unparalleled by other intuitive healers I have worked with and I could not more highly recommend someone as a guide. I have worked with Kimberly for several years now and am so grateful for her help, openness and love. If you are on the fence – do it! Working with Kimberly will change your life – it is the best thing you can do if you are stuck, stressed or just curious. She is the real deal! I feel very lucky to have found her.

-Katie B.


As they say, in life, there is no coincidence, everything happens for a reason. In the name of fate, I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Kimberly, as she practiced next to me in yoga class. I was struggling and had been struggling for a month. Kimberley immediately sensed that I needed support and extended herself to me. I instantly felt inclined to work with her. She was genuine, honest and pure at heart. Through her work, I experienced, my first Shamanic Journey. She was the first healer, that focused on me healing myself. She showed me that I was in control of my healing and destiny. It was one of the best sessions of my life. Since my work with her, I have experience many conscious shifts in my intellectual and emotional thought process. I have become very calm since our session. It was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend her to everyone and anyone. Thank you Kimberly!

-Joanne K.

From 3 other major healing / reading sites :

Kimberly gave me deep insight into my love life and helped me understand the dynamic of my relationship with my twin flame. It’s like she tapped right into his personality and how things are between us. I feel more centered knowing that my intuition about things are correct. Great!”

A BEAUTIFUL SOUL! Where did this angel come from? I really really feel like shes the real deal! very genuine and I felt healing during and after reading. Feel totally calm.
– S.S.

Wow – Kimberly just saved my life. Her healing is beyond anything you can even imagine. She is truly gifted by God and anyone hurting or in pain of any kind should contact her today!

wow! Kimberly is great! Everything she said describing present day and past was spot on and so I hope the future will be too. Her past life insights were great too and she told me about one that I had recalled a few years ago on my own in a hypnotherapy session. Real.

This was my second reading with Kimberly, and it was exceptionally helpful (as was the first). She jumps right in and presents information in an honest yet also really empathetic way. 🙂 I always think it’s wonderful to find high levels of accuracy and compassion in the same counselor, lol! I’d highly recommend her to anyone with relationship questions, especially twin flames as she notes in her profile. Thank you again Ms. Kimberly <3

Kimberly is really sweet and extremely genuine about my situation. She really digs deep into the situation where no others saw or felt what I actually needed to know. She’s super specific and extremely insightful & caring! I’d definitely choose her as my personal coach!! Kimberly’s amazing 🙂

Amazing awesome,gentle in delivery; and what a gift. Kimberly is the real deal; a gift from the divine. Just amazingly gifted!! I love her; she is for keeps!

She was wonderful, honestly. Give her a try. Her delivery is great, she connects quickly and accurately. She really gets down to the root of the problem and is not generic at all. She’s very good.

AMAZING first time read! She picked up on so many minute details and explained my past life connection to this person and how and why things are happening the way they are right now. I feel I will be able to deal with current obstacles more clearly now. Really impressed with Kimberly. Super fast, takes time to connect before payment and generous with her time. I will definitely be a return client!

One of THE BEST reads i have had in a LONG time. This woman is amazing and spot on with everything!! picked up on things easy and accurately. She went into fine details and gave me great advice on how to handle my current situation. No Psychic out there like her!! truly remarkable and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! give her a go you will not be disappointed!! X
-Kristal -Louie

Kimberly is always nice to chat with. I go to her when I need to get to the core of a particular issue. She reads the person/situation extremely well and in-depth. Although I have not heard back from the person in question yet, I do know that Kimberly saw things that no else knew. I’m very appreciative that this advisor was so kind, yet still able to be honest and accurate. I will come back, of course, for an update in the near future. Thanks so much for your help!

Wow! This has been the most fun read ever! Kimberly was able to pick up on 2 very specific things that I have not even mentioned or even thought about during the reading. Amazing! She was able to connect right away and gave me solid advice to go through. I have my work cut out for me but she said it is all going to be worth it. Thank you again, Kimberly! I will be back for updates! My prayers and love to you!


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