What is Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanic Healing?


The word shaman comes from the Tungus tribes of Siberia and refers specifically to a man or woman with a special type of spiritual power . Shamans were visionary, ecstatic healers, or what toay we may call ” spiritual consultants,” who worked in a trance state. 

In recent years, however, the word has been applied loosely, and often inaccurately to many types of spiritual and healing practices associated with tribal cultures, everything from using drums and rattles in ceremonies to honoring an animal totem.

Shamanism is fundamentally a way of viewing reality, and a method or technique for functioning within that view of reality. The shaman perceives the universe in ways different from other men and women, and has personal experiences in the universe that seem to transcend those of other people. The core elements of shamanism found in most cultures with a solid shamanic tradition are:

  1. Shamans can voluntarily enter a unique visionary state of consciousness during which 
  2. They experience a journey into non-ordinary realms o existence where
  3. They acquire knowledge and power for their own use or for others in their communities 

Because the non-ordinary realms are for the most part immaterial and to a large extent imaginal, shamans speak of them as spirit realms and the entities encountered there are considered spirits.

I have qualified the terms immaterial and imaginal intentionally because the realm of spirit, or non-ordinary reality, is greater than our human perception of it and often defies most descriptions of how we expect it to operate. For example, the spirit world seems to be immaterial, or non-physical, but activities performed in the spirit world world often have astounding repercussions in ordinary reality.

In healing, a shaman may journey into non-ordinary reality to retrieve the soul of a dying person or remove the causes of illness that may appear as insects or demons. In such cases, the shaman treats the invisible, spiritual nature of the sickness, yet the physical body recovers. 

The same is true with the term imaginal. For example, a shaman may journey to a place in the non-ordinary reality and speak of it as a realm of the spirit world, then alter learn that such a place exists in ordinary, physical reality. It may turn out that other shamans have also traveled there ( either in the body or out of the body) and are also familiar with it, thus indicating that the Otherworld has an existence independent of the individual shaman’s imagination. In addition the widespread testimony to the manifestation of spirit entities in the physical realm suggests that they too can appear and operate in the ordinary, physical world, at least partially independent of the imagination of the person seeing them.

(derived from Tom Cowan’s work. Excellent author and shamanic researcher!)


The below is a Google review from my client DJ about how shamanic healing affected her :

“Kimberly is amazing!! I want to just give her a hug everyday for bringing me to a place of ease, and for helping me feel less resistant in my daily life. I had my first session two weeks ago and I am seeing so many different things happening since the session. I did the shamanic journeying with Kimberly and it’s one of the most powerful things I have ever done. It really did something to me that is hard to explain yet. I truly suggest experiencing this!!! ”

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Frequently Asked questions about shamanic healing :

*What happens during a session ? Am I going to feel anything ? 
Often spirit will indicate to me, that a trauma or painful experience in your life caused you to lose a little piece of your soul, or you are left with a crack in your soul. Both of these are visible to me, and manifest in you being able to be triggered by others around you. After a healing session, you will be less permeable by the negativity of others, and feel more whole again.

During my “Sacred Sorcery” session, you are lying down, either on the couch or on massage table.  My eyes are closed, and I asked to be taken to the place on the spirit plane where the piece of spirit or element of healing is waiting for you. I narrate, describing what I see along the journey, and ask you, with eyes closed, to envision what I am seeing in your minds eye, to help bring your spirit align with that place. Intuitive or sensitive clients will often receive visions or new information of their own, and I encourage that to be shared.

During my “Sacred Sorcery: the dance” session, you are lying on the floor, on a sheepskin with pillows, covered in a blanket if you like. I ask that you wear a meditation mask to cover your eyes allowing you to focus on the internal sensations. Similar to the picture at the top of this post, but without the fire, I call in Spirit and allow the guides to take over my body. What comes out is sort of a dance…. I will be moving around you to free energies, entities, and emotions that need to be released from your body and soul. I cannot talk during this session and I will be deep in trace.  I have a variety of musical options that I play, depending on what we are working on.

Typically there are very little physical sensations during the session. Clients usually leave feeling refreshed and energized.  Sometimes after the session, within or around two days, clients feel a little “wiped” or nauseous. This is indicative of negative energy and emotion leaving the body .  In session we dig up the stored toxicity from where it was buried , allowing the body to process and excrete. This process has physical manifestations similar to processing a physical toxin (like alcohol) as your body gets rid of it.

After session, always be gentle with yourself. Notice the emotions and changes coming through you and drink plenty of water !


*What about ayahuasca ?  I thought thats what ” authentic” shamans use … is what you do less powerful ? 

Ayahuasca is a plant grown in the Amazonian rainforest, therefore it was solely used by indigenous healers in Amazonian countries such as  Peru and Brazil. The plant itself, helps those who ingest it open up to the spirit realms, and the spirit of the Ayahuasca plant guides the individual on his or her journey. It is very intense as the Ayahuasca spirit is not gentle and she brings you to the deepest darkest parts of your spirit’s journey across all of the lifetimes. Typically healing sessions are 12 hours long ( all night) and its common for individuals to spend a couple hours straight vomiting. (this is the same toxicity being released as during my sessions except in huge chunks, not little by little)

The authentic shamans elsewhere in the world, including the “original” Siberian shamans DO NOT use plants to enter into an ecstatic state. Personally, I do not need anything at all to go very very deep onto the astral plane, and if you would like to learn to journey , I can help you do the same yourself without any psychotropics.

I choose to work gently with my clients, releasing a safe amount of toxicity so that you dont get super sick during my sessions. I mean , hey, if you really really want to barf your brains out for like 3 hours straight I can take you there….. and we can tackle all of your darkness marathon style at once … but in my experience all at once is not necessary, nor is it better!  We WILL  go to your deepest darkest fears and help you confront, heal and purge them in the exact same way as the Ayahuasca plant, however we do it in two hour sessions, not 12 hour benders.  I assure you working without the psychotropics is just as powerful and effective, and in my opinion, far more safe and pleasant 😀