Choose a session then pick a time that works for you ! This calendar is accurate to the minute, so no need to message me asking if/ when I am available.  😎

I have locations in New York City, Chicago and Aspen.

To my lovely New York Clients : It has become more and more difficult for me to do my work in New York City, due to the overwhelmingly chaotic energy there, and the lack of nature . The spirits of the mountains and mother earth have been teaching me, and heavily informing my practice for the past few years, and its time I must listen and follow. I will be spending more and more time in the mountains as a transition to a new home there. I am rarely in NYC anymore, traveling back only to see clients for short periods of time. Please book a distance session , as opposed to waiting for me to visit.  Distance sessions are equally effective and powerful as spirit and energy know nothing of time and space.

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Travel schedule : 
Feb 15 – Feb 25: Aspen
Feb 26 – March 1 : NYC
March 2 – March 8 : Chicago
March 9 – March 24 : Aspen
March 25 – April 3 : Chicago

I will be in Alaska for the months of May and June, as part of the Parvati Project and will not be seeing individual clients during that time.

Before booking : kindly familiarize yourself with my disclaimer & cancellation policy.
If you have any questions about the sessions you may call me : (917)426-8011 or email me. 

This number is a work phone and does NOT accept text messages.  I do have profiles on Instagram and Facebook but do not use their message systems to communicate . If you message me there I will not respond as I likely wont see it for months.

5% of all session fees benefit  my non-profit, the Parvati Project , offering shamanic healing to survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. Thank you for your support.  💜