I currently do the majority of my work in the mountains . If you understand what I do you will know why this is the most powerful way to work.

To my lovely New York Clients :  As I work with spirit, and channel natural energies , it has become difficult to offer my highest work in a place like NYC which is so far removed from nature.  Any session when I am in the mountains is far more powerful as a result.  The idea that a session conducted when we are in two different places is somehow less powerful or effective could not be further from the truth.  I encourage you to view the below video for further explanation and trust that energy and spirit know nothing of physical space.

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Travel schedule :  

July 22- Aug 5:  Mount Elbrus, Russia 🇷🇺

Aug 6- Aug 13: NYC

Aug 13- Aug 31: Chicago

Aug 31- Sept 4: Burning Man

Sept 6- Sept 24 : ALMA KAYA Mount Elbrus

Sept 24 – Sept 30: NYC

Oct 1-6 : Seattle

Oct 7 – 11 : Amsterdam

Oct 12- Oct 31 : ALMA KAYA Everest Base Camp + Lobuche East


Before booking : kindly familiarize yourself with my disclaimer & cancellation policy.
If you have any questions about the sessions you may call me :  (917)426-8011
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