oh, but whyyyy …  you ask ? 

1. You want to see clearer. Understand deeper.

You are seeking clarity. The day to day can be confusing, unsettling, unnerving. The best and the worst  experiences that we are given all have reason. The beautiful moments in your life are enhanced and the difficult times are easier to navigate when we understand the WHY and the connection to our purpose in each and every one of these moments.

We are all psychic. All of us. Except I don’t like the world psychic, as it indicates that the connection occurs through the brain, (psyche) when in actuality intuition requires transcending the brain completely . I prefer the word intuitive or “super-connected” (as in, to the great wisdom ). Whatever you want to call it, it is within your abilities. Some of us are more gifted than others but we each have a direct line to higher consciousness – which holds infinite wisdom and the answer to any question you may be compelled to ask.

It’s time to unclog your connection to the bigness and regain the clarity and peace that comes with a deep, intrinsic understanding and knowing .

Together we can locate the experiences,  energies and emotions that keep you from living a peaceful, purposeful, love-filled life of happiness. We can help you get the answers to your questions, as well as help you to be your own best guide and guru.

You already ARE – you just need to remember HOW.

Kimberly Bellinger - Healer NYC

Connected to the highest. always. 

2. You want to be the absolute BEST and brightest shining version of yourself !

What blocks you from accomplishing your goals and embodying your dreams?  Along our path in this life and others, we get disconnected. We get hypnotized by the illusions of time and society , following external influences over the guidance of our own hearts. We get confused. Who am I  ? What am I supposed to be doing ? Why does this KEEP happening to me over and over ? Why is he/ she / this doing this to me ? Sound familiar? We get stuck in unhealthy cycles.

Maybe you are always late, sometimes missing amazing professional and personal opportunities…. or you go to food /toxic substances for comfort to numb yourself when the emotions become too intense to feel..  Are you the sort of person that is always giving and never getting back ? Perhaps you keep magnetizing the same type of (toxic) relationships.

If you are stuck in a cycle its because there is a lesson you need to learn, or an aspect of you that is asking for healing. Release.  Together we will excavate whichever fears, painful experiences, and limiting beliefs are keeping you from that which you seek.  When we clean out the emotional / spiritual rubble, our struggles become lessened, the paths become clearer, and most often the things we seek simply come to us, with greater ease.

We will re-call and help you re-embody the TRUE YOU. The pure you. The you that will make you happier than anything on earth. The you that loves yourself.  The you that is able to love someone else deeply and without fear. The you that is able to accept love from another deeply and without fear 🙂

kimberly bellinger dancing on mount elbrus

channeling the divine, dancing on Mount Elbrus, Russia  : 18,340 ft.

3. You want to unclog your love-flow or money-flow.

You’ve got a profession/ vocation here- something that makes you money – maybe you have a passion too (something that makes your heart sing when you do it) . Maybe your passion has become your job. Congratulations if so !

But are you living your purpose? Passion and purpose are two very different things – someties your passion can help you fulfill your purpose and you can sustain yourself financially doing this combo- in which case you hit the trifecta of amazing. Usually this is not the case…

If you are feeling directionless or missing something- unhappy with your job and not such which way to go – it might be time to ask spirit WHY you are here? WHAT is your unique role on the earth in this lifetime ?

When you are living your purpose you no longer have to worry about money.  You will receive everything you neeed without struggle as the bigness facilitates your being.  The reward is the greatest happiness and a deep spiritual contentment that cannot come from a “job” or a “passion” or any combination of them.

When you are aligned with and truly embodying your purpose – self doubt diminishes, self love increases, understanding of those around you becomes intrinsic, and usually this is when we are prepared for true love … and we magnetize it naturally.

We don’t need to TRY to make money or TRY to FIND LOVE.
We simply need to live our purpose . 

4. You are a  (fellow) weirdo.

You know you are special, different. You always have been. Sometimes you understand why and its beautiful, and sometimes you just feel alienated, unaligned with the rest, out of place…. sometimes it hurts.

I love working with people like you, because you are, indeed, different and its for good reason. I would love to  excavate the reason WHY you are so special, as you have a mission here with that gift of yours.

Let’s get to the bottom of this – dig it up – feed it – embrace the weird and help it to grow so you can embody this difference as a gift and share your unique perspective of being with everyone. The world needs you. If you don’t know what this is yet, or how it could possibly serve the greater good, Spirit is always happy to show you.


5. You are simply a stress-ball.

Im pretty sure no further elaboration is required for this one. Book a Reiki session. You’ll leave feeling calm, refreshed and peaceful. Trust me.


If any of the above resonates with you, or you’d like more information about my methods, please feel free to reach out (917)426-8011
I look forward to being of service.

with love,

arcturian healing arts